Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sight Word Fluency Flip Books

Have you ever had a student who could read all of their sight words with 100% accuracy in isolation, but could not read a single word within the context of a story? I’ve certainly had a few of them. Many of these students attended tutoring and learned sight words flash card style. Using flash cards as a tool for learning sight words is fine, but it shouldn’t be the only strategy used.

I wanted to create a more “balanced approach” to teaching sight words, so I came up with this 400+ page resource: Sight Word Fluency Flip Books. These flip books give students practice reading sight words in isolation, within the context of a story, and give them practice using the words in their own writing. I wanted these little books to be super simple for teacher to put together, but very BENEFICIAL for students! These flip books can be used during small group instruction, at Word Work, for homework, or in an RTI setting. These are ideal for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. However, these flip books could be used with ESL students or with struggling 3rd graders.


For this set, I used Fry’s First 100 Words.  Here’s a breakdown of the words included and the correlating page numbers:


Students get to “interact” with the sight word in multiple ways.  This will better help them develop an understanding of each word’s significance and meaning. 




The front cover of the sight word book also acts as an interactive sheet. Students rainbow write the word. This gives students practice seeing, reading, and writing the sight word.





The second sheet is called Spot and Dot It. Students will spot the sight word and dot it with a dauber (or a highlighter will work too).



The third sheet is Read and Draw. Students have to read an approachable short text TWO times. Then, they go back and circle the sight word. Afterwards, they have to draw a picture to match the story. This sheet allows students to develop a better understanding of the word because it’s being used repeatedly within the context of a story or letter.





The final page requires students to apply the sight word. They have to write two separate sentences using the sight word.


You can grab this Sight Word Fluency Flip Book at my TPT shop! Click below to snatch it up. If you want to “try it before you buy it.” you can download a free book in the Preview!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas for the Classroom Giveaway

Some of my sweet blogging friends and I are teaming up to bring you a GREAT BIG Christmas for the Classroom Giveaway!  With Christmas approaching, we thought this was the perfect time to launch a really fun giveaway for YOU and shower YOU with gifts you can actually use.

What are we giving away, you ask?

The grand prize gift in our giveaway is a wireless HP laser printer! Amazing, right? This is an HP 400 M451nw LaserJet Pro 400 Color Printer. You can read more about it (and the fantastic reviews people have written about it here).


But, wait! There’s more! Just on this little blog, I’m giving away THREE classroom read-alouds of your choice. You will have the choice to pick 3 brand-new books from Nothing beats the smell of a new book!


All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopters below! Both of these giveaways will end on December 12th at midnight. Be sure to follow all of the steps so that your entry counts. Please enter with integrity!

Be sure to go check out what my other blogging friends are giving away over at their blogs!

Good luck! Just a little long until winter break. You can do it! Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nonfiction for the Year!

Teaching nonfiction has always been a favorite of mine! I’ve created a massive nonfiction bundle covering 31 nonfiction topics filled with real-life photographs and fascinating facts that will “hook” even the most reluctant learners.

Here a schedule of the topics included and when the new ones will be released. The packets will be released by the 20th of the previous month (this will give you time to prep). For example, the resource on Caribou for December will be posted by 11/20. Each packet will be added to my shop individually, as well. When you purchase the bundle, you will save over $100.00.

Topics and Release Dates:
Polar Bears – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Penguins – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Dr. King – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)

Chinese New Year – (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Presidents of the Past (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Free At Last (Harriet Tubman) – Coming

Weather – 2/20
Plants – Being updated and will be added soon
A Trip to Ireland – 2/20
The Rainforest 2/20


Insects – 3/20
Frogs – Being updated and will be added soon
Butterflies – Being updated and will be added soon
Thanks, Earth! – 3/20
Animal Babies - 3/20

Sharks – 4/20
Dolphins – 4/20
Sea Turtles 4/20
Fireflies - 4/20

June (same as May):
Sharks – 4/20
Dolphins – 4/20
Sea Turtles - 4/20
Fireflies - 4/20

Schools Then and Now – 7/20
Schools Around the World – 7/20
Apples – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Pumpkins – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)

Bats – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Owls – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Spiders – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)

Turkeys – Included Click
HERE to view the Preview)
The Mayflower – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
The First Thanksgiving – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)

Caribou – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)
Snow – Included (Click
HERE to view the Preview)

These are the packets that have been added so far:



The format and layout of each packet is the same. I’ve found students are much more successful when they are familiar with the activities. It also encourages students be independent because they don’t have to constantly ask, “How do I do this?”
Every nonfiction packet in this bundle includes:

- Posters to hang in your classroom and to use while introducing the topic (real life photographs are included, along with important vocabulary).
- All About _____ article pages. These article pages were designed as a way for you to "hook" your students at the beginning of your unit. You can display the article pages on your document camera as a whole group or print and display during small group instruction.

- Differentiated All About ____ Mini-Books - These are differentiated mini-books that can be used during small group instruction.There are three versions. Each version is slightly easier than the last. I wanted to give you options because I know that many of our students come in reading at different ability levels. It is up to you to pick and choose which articles you use with your groups. You can either print in color and laminate or print them in grayscale. Text-Dependent Response sheets follow!

- Close Reading Passages: These articles are PERFECT to use at the beginning of the year to help you and your students get into the groove of closely reading a text that requires multiple reads and answering text-dependent questions.These can either be done together in small group OR with guided support. Questions about each close reading passage are included.

- Graphic organizers, vocabulary books, and independent practice sheets to be used however you wish! There are many different options to help meet the needs of your diverse group.

- True/False Activity: After learning facts about the topic, students will sort the sentences according to whether they are true or false. I've also provided a cut/paste sheet too that requires students to read simple sentences and glue them in the correct column.

Here’s a closer look at the November packets:

Turkey Packet

thanksgiving packet
Click on any of the images above to grab the bundle or the individual packets!
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